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Valentine’s Day: Top 10 Gift Ideas for Travelers

Attention husbands and significant others: It’s almost Valentine’s Day and expectations are running high. Time is running out to decide what to gift the love of your life. I personally treasure new experiences more than material things…unless of course it’s a little something something in a robin’s egg blue box. You know the kind. However, if your special someone is an avid traveler there are a number of tangible gifts other than jewelry that will guarantee your journey woman’s heart flutters wildly at the thought of you and your devotion.

  1. Airline tickets to a romantic destination.  Wonderful experiences can be had with the swipe of a credit card. Think Paris, Florence, Hawaii, or any some beachy destination she’s been longing for.  Chicago or Austin can be just as intoxicating when you experience a new city together. Slip an airline ticket inside the cover of a rosy red Papyrus card and she will be forever yours.  For years to come, you will be the catch when she brings you up in conversation.  Her friends will see you in a new positive light. Other men?  Hmph. They will probably give you sh*t for raising the bar, but who cares as long as she’s appreciative.
  2.  You’re not sure she’s craving a Paris getaway? You’re not sure you and your credit card can get on board soon?  A promise of a getaway is the next best thing.  Wrap up a book about an interesting travel destination, inscribe it with a voucher for the future, and tie it up with a bow.  We like anticipating our future together and will be happy that you are thinking about spending it with us. Many cold winter nights can be spent warm and cuddling in front of the fire with a glass of wine while planning the vacation. If you already bought the significant jewelry, this could be called honeymoon planning.  Buy the travel book and get extra Love points.
  3. Like books, city walking maps or country maps are great for dreaming and organizing.  If we pick up a car in Milano, will a week be long enough to enjoy Tuscany before dropping the car off in Roma? Perhaps we should rent a Ferrari?Wine and maps
  4. Traditionally we celebrate over a special dinner. If you both have Tuscany on your mind, make reservations at a candlelit Italian restaurant and fill her in on your plan to whisk her away over a fine Brunello di Montalcino.  Ti amo!
  5. Nothing says je t’aime like a selection of romantic love songs you’ve selected just for her. Choose music related to your theme destination.  Surprise her with a download on an iPod that she can listen to on the plane.
  6. If you are traditional and she likes candy and sweets, make your gift an exotic treat related to the travel theme.  For a Paris getaway, purchase a box of colorful French macaroons or perfectly crisp, buttery Provencal almond cookies. French patisseries are popping up everywhere.  If Napa Valley is where you are headed, then order up a decadent box of artisanal chocolate from Napa.  Slip a couples massage into the box. You will be glad you did. Be creative. Do a little research online of what is available to ship from your dream destination.
  7. A lightweight rolling carry-on is a gift that keeps on giving and let’s her know there are a lot of journeys planned in the future for the two of you.
  8. Fill her new bag with travel size toiletries or her favorite perfume.  Pop in a luxurious leather travel diary to journal the special moments spent touring together.
  9. Maybe you already have a fantastic trip planned.  Now is the time to enhance the journey.  Research an experience to enjoy together while you are away: a photography safari, a culinary class, or a wine tour.  Choose something that appeals to both of you. She just might surprise your thoughtfulness with a day spent doing something you love like visiting a car museum or touring significant historical sites.
  10. Subscription to my travel blog.  Priceless!  Free actually.  Subscribe on the right menu and come along while I entertain you with travel ideas. Travel is the gift that delivers memories for a lifetime. Share it with someone you love. Merci et bon voyage Valentine!

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